Glossy Display is a high contrast serif typeface, intended for large point size printing and Hi-Res screens. It is an exercise in merging the classic serif typefaces of yesterday, with the technological advantages of tomorrows screens. Sharpness and floating curves are weaved together with high functionality, from Condensed to Extended — in Light and Regular.

Lars is a sans serif created from parameters, which we at Bold-Decisions, prefer to see in a typeface – impartial and versatile. Created from a specific doctrine and worked down to what we perceive as neutral. This sans serif family covers a wide range of languages, has great legibility and a universal appeal.

gc16 is a monospaced serif typeface — which originates from an undated ‘plate’, by Percy Smith. After the initial revival was done, gc16 was put on the bottom of the to-do list, and only recently finalised. We saw that there was something about mixing these highly organic traits, with something as ‘digital’ and unusual as monospacing. gc16 features four stylistic sets, and a slashed zero.

Clip is a modular typeface, revived by Asger Behncke Jacobsen in 2015, and completed with Mads Wildgaard in 2017. It’s a highly distinctive headline typeface, to the point where it almost seems designed with just one specific application in mind. Covering a majority of the european languages, it comes in the standard file formats, and is available on request. is a type foundry based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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