Licensing and accepted use

A license is a paid acceptance, from one side, to use in this case, a software (font).

Our licensing is based on the different devices and platforms on which the font files are used: a personal computer, a website, a mobile app, etc.

Licensing can be made for Computers, Unique monthly web-views, and an app. Remaining platforms can be covered by sending an email, where we’ll happily help to make sure the licensing is correct for you and us.

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The Desktop License covers, for example, a designer sitting at one desk, making a poster. So this one user, simply put. If you’re ten designers on your team, then the license needs to be for 10 users.

The Web License is defined by how many unique users the website has on a monthly basis, and therefore how many visitors the font will be exposed to. As any font, with a bit of effort, can be stolen from a website, the license cost acts as our guarantee for the potential loss of revenue.

The font files for Web Licenses are different from files Print Licenses. It’s not possible to install the files on a desktop. It’s only possible to embed the font on a website.

If you're designing a website on your computer, then you'll need both a Desktop (to cover making the design in the software of your choice) and a Web License (to cover the use of the typeface on the final website). A programmer developing the website will typically not need a Desktop License as well.

The Mobile App license covers embedding a font in a Mobile App (iOS or Android typically). The price is determined by the number of monthly downloads.

A Corporate License is a custom license covering long-term, wide-scale or cross-media use of our fonts by corporations (large and small).

Corporate Licenses are tailored with you, for your specific use case and scale, to ensure fair terms for both parties and to make sure that you pay what's fair, in accordance with the mark you leave on the world as a corporation.

Please get in touch, if you'd like to purchase fonts under this license.

The Broadcasting License is a custom license covering the use of our fonts in moving images, be it videos, advertisements, trailers, shorts or feature films.

Please get in touch, if you'd like to use our fonts under this license.

The social media reach of companies can be rather large, and so the license must reflect that. If, for example, the ad is seen by a million, then it must reflect a website that might get seen by a million.

Please get in touch, if you'd like to use our fonts under this license.

The Server License, allows you to embed the font for management systems, like the log-in pages of your internet provider. It’s based on the number of users.

Please get in touch, if you'd like to use our fonts under this license.

A Branding License covers the use of fonts for packaging, merchandise etc.

Please get in touch, if you'd like to use our fonts under this license.

It’s prohibited to use a desktop file on your website unless permission has been given in writing.

We do, but it depends on what it promotes. As a rule of thumb, we support anything that promotes understanding and equality.

We do! Please send a valid proof of study and an indication of which fonts you need, and we’ll figure it out.

It’s prohibited for political entities to use the fonts without written permission. Usage is also prohibited for homo- or transphobic endeavours in any capacity as well as pro-gun, anti-abortion, nationalistic, and anti-equality lobbying organisations and messaging.

Licenses for Hedge and Venture Capital funds are to be matched up with the yearly gross of the fund. In the same way, as we offer discounts for low-income individuals.


Please get in touch and we’ll fix it for you free of charge. We’re a small company and making a font is a lot of work, it happens we miss something.

You're not allowed to alter or customize the fonts, but if you reach out we can help you out.

Yes. We have experience with designing custom typefaces for a wide range of clients, across Latin, Cyrillic and Greek scripts. Please get in touch and we’ll happily provide a quote or estimate.

Yes, such a category is coming shortly to the website, until then, send us an email and we’ll supply references.

Yes we do, albeit the foundry as such is a highly internal platform, we’ll love to help you get your work published where it belongs.


Yes, we offer trial files for downloading and testing in your projects. Simply go to the trials page to request the needed files and you will receive an email with the files attached.

The purpose of offering trial files is to make it easier to select the right fonts for your project. They’re for internal testing only and are not allowed to be used for anything public.

Please get in touch and we’ll find a solution. It’s important for us that everything looks as it should when pitching projects to clients etc.


You can pay by manual bank transfer. Which we also recommend on large payments.

We will soon cover a wider range of payment methods, please get in touch if you're missing a specific payment method!

Orders are unfortunately non-refundable.

The check-out process generates a tax-official valid PDF, which is included in your order.

If you’re based in the EU, VAT is added on top of the sales price. If your company is registered for VAT and you supply your VAT ID, the VAT will be reverse-charged.


Please check Instagram or Twitter for announcements. The foundry might be operating from this or that place from week to week, and so it is not easy to take responsibility for the education of a young designer.

We hire designers for freelance projects every now and then, you’re always free to send us an overview of your recent projects and let us know of your availability, as we’ll enjoy getting to know you as much as we’d love to see your work.